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HOUSE OF THE FUTURE! This new home is located in the new-build neighborhood of GerwenZO! in Gerwen. This is not just a new housing estate in the meadow, but on the outskirts of the village of Gerwen with a social character and identity. Furthermore, this house has a spacious living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a spacious attic with space for 2 more bedrooms, garage, driveway for 2 cars and back garden with back.
This property is almost energy neutral due to the use of an earth heat pump, solar panels and WTW ventilation system.

Purchase price € 406,000. = VON
Plot: 275 m²
Content of the house: 628 m³
Living area: 158 m²

The advantages of a well-insulated and energy-efficient house with EPC 0 are:
- more living comfort
- the monthly energy bill is much and much lower
- Fewer CO2 emissions for a better environment
- Increase in value of the home and shorter selling time
- pleasant floor heating throughout the entire house
- floor cooling for warm summer days
- no worries about additional taxes and price increases from NATURAL GAS
- low maintenance
- no energy-intensive mechanical ventilation

Gerwen is the oldest town in the municipality of Nuenen, Gerwen and Nederwetten. This cozy village with a rich community life is located in a green area with grassland, heathland and the famous Kamerven. You literally live here in nature. If you want to explore the hectic pace of the big city for a dinner or a day of shopping, Eindhoven is close by. From Gerwen there is an excellent access to the A2, A50 and A58. The picturesque Nuenen is within cycling distance. Here you will find practical shops, special boutiques and culinary restaurants.
It is possible with most mortgage lenders to finance energy-saving provisions under certain conditions. That may be up to 106 percent (instead of 101 percent) of the home value. The income assessment, which determines how much you can borrow, does not include investments for energy savings of up to 9,000 euros. Sample calculations can be viewed in our information center and it is also possible to schedule an appointment with our mortgage adviser free of charge and completely free of charge.

Green and sustainable living? That is the future. Our homes already have a value of EPC = 0. A huge achievement that will become mandatory for all new-build homes in the near future.
Buying a property in New Construction Plan Gerwen Zo! ensures that you can already benefit from the many benefits of an energy-efficient, climate-neutral home. You are no longer dependent on GAS and you generate your own energy. These homes guarantee more living comfort and lower energy costs.

The EPC value (Energy Performance Coefficient) indicates how energy efficient a new-build home is. It is a value that is calculated on the basis of structural and technical data. The lower the value, the better the energy performance. In recent years the permitted EPC has fallen from 0.8 to 0.6 and now to 0.4. The EPC will be further tightened in the coming years; the allowable EPC in 2020 is probably 0.

The EPC value of the homes in Gerwen Zo! is achieved by providing our homes with excellent insulation in combination with no less than 3 energy-generating and energy-saving systems. Namely a (water) heat pump, solar panels and a balanced ventilation system.
The building-related energy consumption is determined in the EPC calculation. This is based on a standard resident or family. Heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation and lighting are part of the EPC calculation. Household use is not included, so you will still receive a bill for this. The monthly energy bill, however, is considerably lower compared to an existing home. Sample calculations can be viewed in our information center.
With an energy label, buyers can see at a glance whether a home is economical or inefficient. That is handy, because a choice for an energy-efficient home means a lower energy bill, more living comfort and less CO2 emissions, so better for the environment!

The energy rating for homes indicates with classes A (green, very efficient) up to and including G (red, very inefficient) how energy efficient a house is compared to similar houses. An energy-efficient house has good insulation, double glazing, energy-efficient heating and solar panels.
A new-build home in Gerwen Zo! A green energy label (A ++ label) is not only more comfortable, it also saves you a lot in energy costs. In 10 years, the difference with a comparable inefficient house can amount to thousands of euros. A slightly more expensive but more economical house is therefore in most cases cheaper and also more common than a cheap but inefficient home.


€ 406.000 v.o.n.
House type
Single family
Build year
Surface and volume
Living surface
Exterior areas
Near park, Near quiet road, In residental area, Clear view, Open location, In forest area


[ { "address": "Goudhoeksland 10", "zipCode": "5674XV", "city": "Nuenen", "lat": 51.4875398, "lng": 5.5700811, "heading": 0, "pitch": 0 } ]

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