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For your real estate investment you need an manager who is involved. Someone who deals with your property in the context of sustainable investing. Both when it comes to maintenance and repair, but also for a satisfied tenant so that the rent is paid with a smile.

Why outsourcing your management?

There are a number of reasons for outsourcing financial and technical management.

Security reasons

Renting out properties is not without risks, the tenant is well protected by law, there are also many situations in which you have to deal with a tenant. From payment behaviour to minor maintenance, themes where sometimes the law and often customary law apply. Through years of experience with rental properties and tenants, Brick’s Makelaardij can assist you in dealing with your property and your tenant.

Fiscal reasons

When a private individual rents out a property as an investment, it is often taxed in box 3. That can be beneficial, because the tax burden on the rental income can sometimes be 2 to 3 times lower than if the rent is charged in box 1.

Legal Advice reasons

There are various legal aspects to renting out properties. From experience and knowledge we can advise you in various areas. For example, consider the type of rental agreement you want to conclude with a tenant or what to do if a tenant does not pay.

Practical reasons

There are numerous cases where a tenant needs the help of a manager / landlord. Imagine that the tenant loses a key, the dishwasher breaks, the radiator is leaking, the boiler needs to be refilled, the roof is leaking, the sewer is blocked or the tenant (temporarily) cannot pay the rent, in all these cases the tenant needs support. Through experience we know when the landlord must intervene and when the tenant, in case of minor repairs, must resolve it himself as in good tenancy.

This part includes setting up a financial administration. More specifically, financial and technical management consists of the following activities:

  • Creating and maintaining an administration
  • Monthly invoicing and collection of the rent, after which the management fee is deducted
  • Transfer the rent to your bank account
  • An extensive rental statement every month
  • Implementing the annual rent price indexations as of July 1.
  • Take timely measures to prevent debt collection cases
  • Sending reminders to the tenant (if necessary), 3x e-mail, 2x by phone or SMS
  • File set-up for a bailiff and communication as a result of collection issues
  • Handling and following up complaints
  • Preparation of the final inspection report and settlement of the deposit
  • Handling reports from tenants regarding technical imperfections
  • Reporting special events to the owner
  • Providing maintenance or repair orders on behalf of the owner
  • Supervising and checking maintenance work
  • Make an annual statement of service costs for tenants
  • Inspecting the property in the case of rental mutations and recording this by using. an inspection report with accompanying photos
  • Process lease cancellations and introduce a new tenant as quickly as possible
  • Receiving and keeping the deposit under management
  • Brick's Makelaardij can, in consultation with the landlord, put the utility costs in its name so that when the tenants change, the settlement is settled by us directly

In short, we ensure that your property remains in top condition!

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