If you want to rent out your property, Brick's Makelaardij can find a reliable tenant for a long-term or a temporary lease, for independent or non-independent properties. Brick’s Makelaardij has more than 15 years of in-house experience and therefore has sufficient experience to advise on all the different possibilities of property rental.

Always custom-made

Everything starts with a good conversation in which you indicate what your situation is and what you want to rent out. Often we can immediately make an estimate of the rent and the expected profile of the tenant from experience. We also provide legal advice on the lease to be used and what you should do, or not, to keep your investment in box 3.

How do we find your tenant

Rental mediation requires specific contacts and online marketing. We have contacts with expats, re-locators, multinationals, hospitals, ministry of defence and other big companies. Furthermore, our properties are found on our website and more than 20 collection sites such as and,


We select candidate tenants and screen them based on their ID, income data, landlord statement and we do a bailiff check. We always call an employer or old landlord to check a reference. This minimizes the chance of a "bad" tenant.

What are the different services that we offer

Here you can read what we do step by step for you to mediate the right tenant:

  • Commercial and legal advice on the rental of your property and market conditions
  • Measuring your property
  • Make photos, on request made by a professional photographer
  • Preparation of an advertisement in Dutch and English
  • Presentation on our website
  • Presentation on more than 20 national and international rental websites
  • Offer your property to: expats, multinationals and relocation agencies
  • Placing a V-rental sign on a window (if requested)
  • Reporting on the progress of the rental activities
  • Requesting, screening and researching the income data, and a credit check of candidate tenants
  • An interview with the candidate tenant
  • Capture all agreements in a rental agreement
  • Have the tenant and landlord sign the rental agreement (digitally)
  • Collect the first month's rent and the deposit
  • Drawing up the inspection report with photos of your property at the key transfer

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