A valuation is an objective valuation which is summarized in an extensive report. Brick’s Makelaardij estimates in a radius of 20 km around Breda and does this according to the latest and latest strict regulations. The price for a valuation report is from € 500.00 including VAT and additional costs. Report includes Cadastral plan, layer and a printout of bottom desk. We make a competitive price agreement for deviating and extensive appraisals.

Today, the application for a valuation report with NHG requires validation from a validation institution designated by the banks. The more well-known ones are NWWI, Valuers Union and Maatwerk. The appraiser of Brick’s Makerlaadij complies with the strictest regulations and is certified by relevant institutions and is therefore authorized to perform these appraisals. The price of a validated appraisal report is from € 395,- including VAT additional costs and validation costs. Despite these extra costs, this remains one of the most competitive prices in the valuation market.


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